Missing feature/bug fixes requests

  • So it seems to me that the connection problems are now resolved/minimized. Still there is a lot to do:

    1. Players shouldn't be allowed to see hidden drawn cards between other players for example on a 7/bishop/master merchant. Everything is currently visible in Android with the short resource pop up animation. Check all platforms

    2. On the other hand, players should be able to see in the logs/somewhere general/visible information longer than a second like which cards have be given away from the robber/which resource was chosen by a monopoly and how many cards were received.

    3. Kicktimer should not always start from the beginning. I would prefer some kind of reduction after 20/30 seconds of missing in a game the overall kicktimer time would also be reduced by 20/30 seconds.

    4. Reporting should result in recalculation of ELO of at least of the misbehaving/cheating players.

    5. Reset of ELO because of bugs/cheats

    Probably I've missed of a lot of other needed stuff, but these make a good beginning on the way to a more appreciated game.

    I would prefer those standard stuff a lot more then the new stuff as Inka, pets ...

  • still no answer but my list can be extended.

    1. Leaving of a game/losing connection should result in ELO reduction
    2. Interesting tournament mode with preliminary round/semi finals/finals with watch mode
    3. Guild tournament mode
    4. Possibility to chat with the other players after the game ended

    I would actually pay a monthly fee for a good implementation of point 7 and 8.

  • Not a single point was implemented yet, that is sad

    Is anyone reading this or is @administrators just a bot

  • 2 years, must be really embarrassing since no-one has answered.

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