Catan Universe Update_3 en

  • Fixed issues


    ● fixed: Wording in registration flow (client and mail)

    ● fixed: Issue in registration flow. Regarding users with delayed activation keys


    ● fixed: Wrong value in game log if commercial harbour was played

    ● fixed: Blocker if player opens the build menu while resources are distributed

    ● fixed: Player doesn’t get a knight back after player the “Smith” progress card

    ● fixed: Blocker if AI try to build knight but has no valid board positions to build a knight

    ● fixed: issues with build road development card

    ● fixed: [Seafarer] issue with ship building

    ● fixed: issue in build menu, error in visibility of removed game pieces

    ● fixed: Issue with knight active state, if they were moved back in the player inventory

    ● fixed: missing affected player name in replace/move knight overlay

    ● fixed: AI blocker when the AI wants to build a settlement without roads

    ● fixed: AI enhanced ship movement logic

    Newly added functions or improvements

    ● “Great Catan” scenario testing version [Seafarers]

    ● AI: Handling of Metropolises

    ● AI: General improved play logic of progress cards

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