Rewarding disconnects, yay!

  • On behalf of all online Catan players who care about the ELO system that you implemented in spite of the fact that even you don't take it seriously, I'd like to thank you very much for making it possible to avoid any penalty for disconnecting. As this is the year 1999, it makes perfect sense that you would not punish people for disconnecting -- the internet is a fragile place! In weighing the possibility of being unjustly punished for disconnecting against rewarding us for disconnecting intentionally, it makes perfect sense that you would want to avoid at all costs the remote possibility of hurting the feelings of the few people who connect to your server from the rain forests of Brazil, or the desert plains of Uganda. Thank you!

    -- signed, the worst people in the community

  • Germans do not understand sarcasm. Maybe try again. Hint: ELO is a very bad number to associate with players.

  • Yeah, that was kinda my point. It could be a solid system, but the thing I'm talking about is the #1 thing keeping it from being a solid system. ELO means nothing because the ELO system is poorly implimented, and this is bar none the #1 problem with it. If you can say you wouldn't care about ELO if it were implimented correctly, you're not who I'm talking to.

  • @Crymoricus No, you two are saying exactly the opposite about ELO. And you are both right - ELO is useless because of the bugs in the software, and ELO is meaningless because it doesn't apply well to a game like Catan.

    Personally it's kind of frustating to win a game and have some guy up in the 1250's getting 4th place lose no ELO because he just quit when he couldn't win. So all the high ELOs are meaningless because it's gaming some bug in the software for the past couple of years, if not the AI trading debacle

  • @MonkeyZ Yesterday I was playing against a very formidal opponent, who was just about to win. Then he got kicked. Since the 3rd player had already been kicked, I got all the Elo points. :tada:
    Why should anyone take Elo serious? :smirk:

  • @administrators this bug is still present in 1.7.0.

    Yay, so no matter how you play, as long as you quit towards the end you preserve your ELO if you aren't going to win. Good to know, I'm going to start to collect ELO now, lol. (maybe, it seems somebody is quitting in pretty much EVERY game now.
    Might still get 1st/2nd place if no one is left)

  • @MonkeyZ Today I got kicked by the Kicktimer :alarm_clock: :boom: in all my games, once even :construction: while I was building something. So frustrating! :scream_cat:
    I bet the other players :busts_in_silhouette: :thought_balloon: think I´m a quitter....

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Well there are a few bug with that kicktimer. Kicked out while playing. I was told I had no internet connection but I was sitting there chatting. Heck, I had someone chatting with us AFTER his player was replaced with AI. Then there's the silent kick, no messages, the game just closes. At least I'm happy not to lose ELO in these cases but it's sad when I get a decent position and am kicked out.

  • @MonkeyZ yeah, it is sometimes really enjoying getting kicked or see somebody getting kicked, while you have an exciting game where more than 1 player can win.

    But maybe this will get fixed :joy:

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • There is the bonus that with many people having unreasonably high ELO that when you win or come 2nd your boost is a little higher than normal (got 5-6 points for 2nd place, normally get zero / slightly less than zero)

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