Temporary louder audio cue for chat messages at the beginning of the game

  • Please add a louder chime for the first 3 messages that any player puts in the in-game chat.

    This allows other players to "make noise" to alert a fellow player that might have their web browser over the game. Perhaps this wayward player has been waiting for 20 minutes for the game to start? Or they've turned away from the screen to talk to a family member? Maybe they just need a bit of a brief (but not persistent) reminder to play fast?

    After a player has entered their third message in the chat, the chime for any further message from that same player would return to the normal quieter sound. There would be no way for the rest of the game to reset this.

  • administrators

    @ReeBee Thanks for that interesting idea

  • BTW, PlayCatan had a way with several clicks where you could set up a private chat with a single person and make a person's computer go "BONG" with a deep sound. Doing this was onerous, but this is probably why the mechanism was never abused to annoy someone. I used it on occasion to get a player's attention who was not focused on the game (or had stepped away).

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