Non-Player/Observer mode

  • With the old Catan PC game, while actually together playing offline multiplayer, we would have one touch screen foldable pc on the table to share which gives the feeling of the board game more than portables.
    With Catan Universe it would be great if we could have the PC again on the table which shows public info but not the cards in anyone's hand simulating an observer in a board game who is just watching. This way the one who has the turn can use the portable for every move and rest can follow the game as they would with the original board game.

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    @venery Thank you very much for your suggestion. Until now the game hasn´t been designed to have a pass and play mode. I wouldn´t exclude the possibility that there will be something similar in the future but since we would have to redo the entire Ui in-game it is not at the top of our priority list.

  • Hi, I think I could not express my suggestion as I thought.

    To bypass the pass and play mode, if there was an observer mode, which is just another account on table who is not playing but watching, for example, as a 5th person in a 4 player game, we could have a pc/screen on table simulating the actual board on the table. Actual players can still use their handheld to play the game, still following the game on the table as if it was really a board game.

    As the observer will not see the cards in hand, but only public data, an observer account cannot be used to cheat.

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    @venery Thank you for your clarification. We are currently looking into something similar to what you are describing for the tournament mode.

    We are still in pre-production for that feature since this would totally change how we handle Match-Making and many other different sub-systems right now, but we think it could add some really nice value to the game.

  • Thanks, good to hear that it is considered :D
    Maybe it could be implemented to friends only games where the player picks who is in the game. Anyway thanks...

  • Hi, any progress in this one?

  • An observer mode would be great. If 5 people from my gaming group are online, we rotate which person sits out. It would be nice if the person who created the game could invite others to join as observers (even after the game was started).

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