Friendly Robber

  • How come there is a friendly robber option when playing the computer, but not in multiplayer? Too many times the player going first rolls a robber, and sets the other two players at a huge disadvantage from the jump. It's far too common and it's a terrible way to start the game.

  • @halfmoon It is already possible to play "friendly robber" style in Custom Games.
    But since most games are played in Automatch, the friendly robber option :gun: :smiling_imp: should be part of the possible filter settings.
    On PlayCatan, more than half of the games were played as friendly robber games. I believe many players would aprecciate :clap: if you would add this filter. It would also decrease the number of arguements :rage: :boom: :imp: between players who play different styles and yet are thrown together, quarrelling about the "right" or "fair" ::innocent: way to play.

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