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  • I typically play C&K, 3 player.....Is there any reason why player two can't be displayed to the right on me instead of across from me? The current configuration means that I have to keep scrolling up and down in order to keep an eye on what player 3 has on their card. Also, there is a ton of room between the board and and my playing pieces...can't we get that tightened up so I don't have to scroll up/down/strange/charm, like a Quark on crack, just to see what is going on with the entire board and other players?

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    @Sista Thank you very much for your suggestion. The defaults camera angle and zoom were picked to be able to display as much as possible despite the scenario being played. For example, a "Greater Catan" 4 player game is a much larger scenario compared to the first island scenario that is why we had to find a middle ground.

    We could look into ways to save preferred camera positions and zooms for certain scenarios.

  • @Administrator Thank you for the quick reply. What about reducing the space between the playing pieces and the board and having the "cost to build card" hidden until you click on it? I'm looking for simple things that would increase the visibility of the entire board..... :dart:

  • @Sista I was really annoyed with the setup at first, too. Like you said, it is a waste of space and cumbersome :construction: :sweat: to build. But I have changed my tune since the introduction of quickbuild :sweat_smile: :construction: (clicking on the spot :dart: where you want to build to prompt the building menu) . As yet, the setup for buying development cards still needs improvement.

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