Taking a long time to find matches

  • I noticed starting two days ago that it is taking me a very long time to find matches. Usually I find matches within minutes if not seconds and now it takes 10mins or more to find a match. Often I’ll leave my iPad on to search and it won’t find a match for 20mins and I end up just giving up. Does anyone know why this is happening. I have pretty high Karma and generally don’t quit matches. Also I don’t do unsportsmanlike things like stop playing if I’m too far behind, so I don’t think people would report me...

  • @evie15

    • Sometimes the search hangs itself up. If you cannot find a match :watch: within 5 min, it is worth to abort and restart the search.

    • If you still cannot find a game, consider :boat: switching to another szenario.

    • I suppose many players joined the season competition. :running_shirt_with_sash: They still are matched with non-participating players, but since the competition takes place only in :house_with_garden: 1st island, I expect a lot more players will play simply 1st island now.

  • administrators

    @evie15 as @Rumpelstilzchen said: Usually, the search won´t take longer than a few moments. If you want to find a match as fast as possible please set your filters as "liberal" as possible. Meaning you should include as many scenarios as possible.

    And yes atm. there are many many players participating in the season. That is why the base game is currently highly frequented by players. But this includes all scenarios in the base game :)

  • Thanks for the reply guys. I'm not playing The Game. I usually just play City and Knights and that's very slow at finding matches right now. I'll wait to see if things change after Seasons Tournament is over.

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