Why is my post locked?

  • 9 days ago I started a post titled "Sometimes I don't get a card when placing the robber" 5 days ago the Admin posted that the issue should have been resolved with the last upgrade. NOW the above mentioned post is "LOCKED".....?!?!?! Why is the post locked?

  • administrators

    @Sista Since the issue has been resolved one of our admins will have locked it in an effort to "clean up" the forums :)

  • @Administrator And, what if it is not "resolved"? I was trying to give you more information regarding the problem. I can understand locking a post that is a few months old....but this got locked in less than a week!?!?! AND, I had just had an iteration of the "no card when placing robber" happen....so NOW I have to start a whole new post.

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