• I like the idea but here is a better idea, fix the bugs first! When a game locks up and you are one point from winning and think it is the other person who is stuck it is incredibly frustrating to realize it was you and you got kicked.

  • Yes. I agree that You should fix all the bugs in the Online version. Catan Seasons kicked me the same way and I was about to win. After that I even can't see the Catan Season option, also I can't play any version of Catan online which is paid so far. So I agree that you should first fix the bugs for the games that we are paying so far and then to create new functions, games, tournaments and etc.

    • Can't play any version of catan which is paid
    • Can't see Catan Seasons which I have paid for and have limited time

    Other problems:

    • Too much time for each player turn which makes most of the player nervous
    • Too often the the game is stuck and nobody know whose turn it is after that everybody is just leaving the game, which for a tournament means losing a lot of ranking
    • Ofen when a new game is started all we see is yellow-orange screen and pop up telling us that the game is bugged
    • When I have 0 card and move the robber it doesn't give me card from the player who is robbed
    • Every game I see topic that I am offline which is not true because I am even playing at the same time
    • Every game I see pop up counting me second before kicking me and a lot of times I just have to quit the game and log in again which is taking me too much time and helps for 5 minutes then it starts again

    So this is what I remember right now but there are more. But this are some good examples of blocker of the game, not just casual bugs that make it upleasen to play but real blockers that stops us for playing.

  • administrators

    @Bukovinova please try to log out and back in again to get access to the seasons again. If that doesn´t work, please contact us via

  • Actually I think there are too many players conspiring together in Seasons to boost one players ELO. I'm currently in a game where one player is constantly robbing me. I have only built two roads. The other player has built 2 cities, another settlement, and is going for longest road.

    Just to add. Too many games now are dominated by one player rolling 7s almost the entire game. The 'robbed' statistic at the end of the game makes no sense to me.

  • @halfmoon Several players try to reach 2nd place to gain Elo. It is easier to destroy a weaker/ disadvanteged player, than to compete with the leading player. I hate these games, they are so boring. But some players care more for Elo, than for interesting games.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen My favourite so far was a player picking their initial spot which killed my position (fair enough) but then promptly quit, and then the likely winner quit part way into the game leaving me with the third player gaming 2 AI. Soooo much fun (not).

    But yeah, I noticed players robbing the weakest - no unexpected for ELO based games.

    @administrators, is there a higher penalty for quitting in tournament games - say, kicking them out of the tournament if they do that too often!?

  • The people playing for 2nd place certainly are annoying though. Ruining the games.

  • administrators

    @MonkeyZ Thank you for your feedback and idea. We will do an in-depth analysis of this first Season to find out what worked well and what we need to adjust.

    There are still some things we are not happy about but overall it seems like a lot of players are enjoying it.

    Thank you very much to all of you for participating :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Administrator After a number of games, I'm disappointed with the format. I had hoped the tournament would be a bit more structured and give a chance to play other players of similar experience and skill (even if I have to wait a little longer for a game), but it still feels fairly random in match-ups and I'm sure the use of ELO is contributing to that (as it really does not suit Catan nor adequately represent skill and experience.).

    As it stands, the tournament was a bit of a disappointing experience, while I'm not the best player and make my own mistakes, it's frustrating to have your game destroyed from the start due to one players inexperience or tantrums over perceived slights (not that this is something you would have any control over). And when combined with the usual randomly highly unbalanced board and harsh dice roles (lol), it wasn't as much fun as I had hoped.

  • administrators

    @MonkeyZ Thank you for the feedback and for participating. But just to be clear. Seasons isn´t the tournament mode we are currently working on :) Tournaments will be much more restricted in the ways players can join them.

    Also: Future Seasons will be much longer and therefore will get balanced out more naturally. We will collect all your feedback and fine tune this feature.

  • @Administrator Thanks for the response (and clarification). I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

  • Please set up and post a schedule of upcoming seasons (unless you feel this is better handled by someother means like a quarterly tournament schedule) so that players can plan accordingly. I'm far more likely to participate if I know weeks in advance when my favorite variant has a season.

    Also, it'd be nice to have a place that displays past seasons' results. Prizes, winners, and results sortable on ranking, number of games played, etc.

  • administrators

    @ReeBee Thank you very much for your feedback. We will definitely announce upcoming Seasons in advance and we are working on possibilities for players to check up on their past Season results.

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