Can't build a settlement?

  • I just started playing, been in a free match four times. I cannot build a settlement after the first two.

    I have the resources. I can upgrade a settlement to a city. I can build a road. But it will not let me build a settlement.

    Is it me? Have I not shared my toys with others? Have I drunk root beer on the Lord's day? Have I looked at a mean witch in an insulting way?

    I admit that I am stupider than I look, but ... I have lumber, bricks, wool, wheat. WHY CAN'T i BUILD A SETTLEMENT?

    I'm gonna go calm down now. thanks for any feedback y'all got for me.


  • Maybe you already built 5 settlements? You can only build 5, then you have to upgrade one to a city to build another one.

  • @TimmiMae Maybe it´s the distance? You have to keep 2 roads distance :house: to any other settlement, :house_with_garden: your own as well as others. And did you build roads there before? You cannot randomly place the later villages, but you have to build roads :construction: from the already existing ones :construction: to the new building site.

  • I'm currently having this issue

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