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    Seasons FAQ:

    Q: What are Seasons in Catan Universe?

    A: Seasons are competitions in a specific expansion or game mode of Catan Universe that take place for a limited period of time.

    Q: How can I take part in a Season?

    A: There are certain conditions for joining a Season:

    1. You will need to have a registered and activated Catan Universe account
    2. Your account has to be at least level 5
    3. You will have to own (bought with Catan Gold) the expansion the Season is played in
    4. You will have to unlock season access using a certain amount of scrolls (the amount may vary)

    Please note: You can only (!) access a Season when you have bought the expansion the Season is played in with Catan Gold. There will be no access if the expansion is unlocked via scrolls.

    Q: Why should I take part in a Season?

    A: Seasons offer special leaderboards you can climb and at the end of each season you will get an in-game reward depending on your position on the leaderboard.

    Q: Will I get a price regardless of my position on the leaderboard?

    A: Yes. Every participant that played at least 5 placement matches will appear in the Season’s leaderboard and get a reward when the Season concludes. You can check out beforehand what rewards the Season will feature.

    Q: Why am I not displayed on the Seasons leaderboard?

    A: If you haven´t finished your 5 placement matches you won´t get displayed on the leaderboard

    Q: Why are there placement matches?

    A: We use placement matches to balance out possible drastic Elo changes during the first few matches of a season.

    Q: Do my regular placement matches for an expansion count as placement matches for a Season?

    A: No. You have to do the required amount of placement matches for every Season, regardless of your number of placement matches for ranking outside of a Season.

    Q: How do I start a Season match?

    A: Click/Tap on the purple Season button in the respective expansion and choose the option to start a Season match. You must sign in to a Season before you can start playing Season match

    Q: Against who will I be playing during a Season?

    A: Participants of Seasons will be playing against other Season participants and everyone else using the Automatch mechanic for the Seasons expansion.

    Q: Why do I play with other players using the normal Automatch?

    A: We want to make sure every player around the world has the opportunity to jump into a Season match as fast as possible. Automatch offers the biggest pool of players to choose from

    Q: What happens if I prematurely leave a Season match?

    A: For Season matches we apply the same rules as for standard Auto-Matches. You will get ranked depending on the time you leave the match. If you are the first one to leave you will get ranked last. The second player to leave will get ranked second to last and so on.

    Q: Will it be displayed to other players that I am playing a Season match?

    A: No. Other players won´t see that you are playing a Season-Match. Neither in the loading or end screen nor during a match.

    Q: Will I start the season with my current Catan Universe Elo?
    A: No. In every Season all participants will start with a base Elo score of 1000

    Q: Will Season –Matches affect my overall Elo?

    A: Yes. Since you are playing against other CU users that might not take part in a Season, every Season game will affect your overall Elo. But it will, of course, get calculated separately from your Seasons Elo.

    Q: Can I drop out of a Seasons because I don’t want to take part anymore?

    A: No. If you decide to take part in a Season, we want you to give it your best shot. Seasons are made for Catan Universe players interested in competitive ranking. Only join if you are up for the challenge.

    Q: Is there a limit on how many games I can play during the Season?

    A: No. We don’t limit the number of games you can play during a Season

    Q: How can I collect my rewards after a Season ended?

    A: The rewards will be automatically added to your account after the Season has been concluded and you accepted them in the Season reward screen.

    Q: Can I play other expansions I own after signing up for a Season?

    A: Yes. Taking part in a season doesn’t prevent you from playing other expansions.

    Q: Can I play a normal Automatch during a Season while the expansion I want to play currently is part of a Season?

    A: Yes. Just use the standard Automatch matchmaking and the game results won´t get added to the Season leader board

    Q: Where can I see when a Season ends?

    A: The Seasons menu offers detailed information about the duration of a Season.

    Q: When does a Season end?

    A: The Season ends when the timer is up. At this point only concluded matches will be taken into account for the Season Elo leaderboard.

    Tip: Don´t start a Season matches shortly before the timer runs out. It won´t be taken into account for your position on the leaderboard if the Season is concluded while you are still playing.

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