New Achievement: Win without robbing

  • I Love all the achievements we can unlock, however i see one that i would have already unlocked several times. Winning without robbing someone. I like to give myself the extra challenge of not robbing people, despite people LOVE robbing me.

    Can we make this an achievement? maybe a multi level achievement? i.e. win one game without robbing, win three games without robbing, win 5 games without robbing.

  • administrators

    @sekthree Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestion. I think that a pretty neat idea :)

  • But... You can just get it for free if you just do not roll any 7s and don't buy any knights. Happens eventually. Not really an achievement... Also, achievement hunters tend to ruin the game experience for other players.

  • @sekthree That´s a great Idea! :thumbsup:

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