Sometimes I don't get to take a card after placing robber??!

  • This started a couple of weeks ago....Occassionally, when I place the robber on a tile it won't give me a resource card from opponents hand, even though the opponent(s) have cards in their hand?!?!?! This has even happened when placing the Bishop on a tile that has two opponents on it?!!?! I only play Single Player.

  • It happened to me or my opponents a few times as well, with multi player.
    I could not tell if it was only for tiles with two opponents on it though

  • @maloufr It is a new bug,:bug: both in single and multiplayer. Happens when you want to steal :gun: and have 0 resources yourself.

  • This issue should be resolved with CU 1.6.1 which is ready to download for you. Thank you very much for your feedback an patience on that issue.

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