Trade not working

  • Issue happens on the Steam version and the Web version. What is the point if you cant trade when the AI offers and you cant accept?

    Update did not resolve the issue. Is anyone even paying attention to the problems in this game?

  • I just experienced this as well.Since this has been going on for years, it looks like it's something the developers are not interested in fixing. I'm embarrassed that I have both paid for this, and that I've referred friends to this site. Luckily my friends haven't paid yet, and I can cut my losses and we can go elsewhere.

  • @Administrator this happens a lot, to the point of breaking the game

  • The AI offers two cards in exchange of one, when me or my friends accept the trade it takes the card but only giving one back! That's making our friends and me to feel cheated by the machine, hopefully you find soon the way to fix this issue.

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