Trade not working

  • One year after the original post, and I also have problems trading with AI. It happens in EVERY solo game.
    Also considered buying the game, but won't do it if such a crucial bug continues unsolved.

  • @Administrator I am fairly certain you have not addressed this as these posts were a year ago and it still has the same exact issue. Shame. I would have paid for the upgrade if I had any reason to beleive this app would work

  • I’m also having this problem with the AI. I’m surprised the developers have not been able to reproduce this because I was only able to accept a trade once and never had any of my offers accepted during the intro game. I also would’ve purchased the game if it worked. Unfortunate :/

  • Is ANYBODY working on this. I also posted over a year ago about the trade bug, yet today it is STILL happening!

    Sheesh, I quit playing all together because it is futile trying to play with such a horrendous bug.

  • I only play against the AI because I live on an island with metered internet. If you buy the game trade that the AI initiates works 75-80% of the time but you have to be quick, hesitate and it moves on. It should work all of the time and it's annoying. What is even more annoying is that in over 500 attempts not once has the AI accepted a trade that I initiated so it puts any real player, at a huge disadvantage because 100% of their trades have to go through the bank at 4:1, until they score a harbour, while the AI trades with itself no problem. I'm posting here because I'd like the developers of the game to know that not fixing this it is costing them $. It has caused me to lose interest in playing. I willl not be buying any expansions to the base game which I would have been happy to do.

  • @Ptahmus said:

    Have yet to successfully trade with an AI. All trades (including those offered and increased by the AI) fail.

    This is exactly what is happening with me as well. This makes the game un-playable and makes it a no-go for any purchase. What's the issue here. I've started clicking OK on every trade. Not a single one goes through.

  • Same here. I can’t accept a trade. No matter which button I push.
    Started with the game this morning but Catan isn’t playable without the possibility to accept trades.

    It’s a bit of a strange bug.

    Can you fix this please?

  • Happens all the time. The AI offers more and more for the same resource. I keep trying to agree to the trade but no trades go through.

    Might as well turn off trading. Really annoying after paying for the game, and this bug has been around and unfixed for over a year.

  • Old Digital Catan player, New Catan Universe player here.

    I noticed this bug too and found this forum post through google.

    I can understand the AI not wanting to trade with you if you are close to winning (makes sense).

    But offering the same resource trade but increasing the offered resource by 1 each time it denies you until the AI just goes and trades at the market is annoying, irritating, time consuming and not fun.

    i.e. AI offers 1 wood for 1 ore, <player accepts>, <AI denies>; AI offers 2 wood for 1 ore, <player accepts>, <AI denies>; AI offers offer 3 wood for 1 ore, <player accepts>, <AI denies>; then finally AI trades 4 wood for 1 ore at market is annoying, irritating, time consuming and not fun!!

    Even if the Player rejects the offers, the AI continues to offer the increasing trade deals until it finally trades at the market.

    Devs, Please fix this long outdated bug

  • Still also having this problem. this is very frustrating.

  • This is still happening. Can I get my money back? How has this not been fixed? I bet I could even fix this if you gave me a look at the source code!

  • administrators

    @EkajTrevlac Hi. The AI offers more resources because it's willing to trade with another player in the game and trying to convince them of trading with them. The other player/AI however might not be interested in trading with them so it keeps declining these offers.

  • @Administrator As reported by others this is a bug. I am not sure how it hasn't been fixed in 2 years. I am playing a 4 player game, all AI. 4th player (Candamin in my game), is broken with trades. He offers and I accept and it doesn't go through. The other ais aren't accepting it first, because it would show the cards being traded. No matter what the trade is it won't accept. The entire game I was not able to trade with him a single time.

  • Can I ask a question? WHY DID I SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME?

    They know this is an issue for over 2 years and yet they are not fixing it. They know of other issues, like you cant start custom games with 3 other AI players and yet they wont fix that.

    I ASK AGAIN, WHY DIDN'T I RESEARCH THESE STUPID SUPPORT STAFF (Lack There Off) Before I spent money on this game?

  • I have come across this on ipad and macbook air - doesn't seem to be a problem on iphone - seems this wads a problem 2years ago ?!

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