Trade not working

  • @Administrator

    This bug was also reported a couple of months ago at:

    but it did not look like it was ever acknowledged there.

  • The issue behind the behavior is a bit more complex than we are initially anticipated. The Ai not accepting trades is based on the fact that the AI doesn't want to trade with the player in the first place since the player possibly is contesting a spot on the board the Ai wants to build on also.

    We are currently working on a solution for the situations since this behavior is mostly seen as a bug in the community despite the fact that the AI is acting properly within its limits.

    We are sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused to you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can I reference "Terminator">>>> Is the AI evolving ;) ???

  • The trade system is so glitched... accept the forking trades... extremely pissed!!

  • I found this thread that trading isn't working with the AI. I'm experiencing this today. One of the AI players offers me a trade and I click the button to accept it only for the AI to think that I rejected it. This is happening EVERY time for me, not just occasionally. This thread is 4 months old so has this been broken for this long, really?

  • @Administrator The AI is NOT behaving "properly"! Today AI2 (with 8 points) offered a trade and I am the clear underdog with 5 points (AI1 has 10 points and I have 5 with no cities OR tiles on my development card). I try to accept the trade, but the trade doesn't go through with either player. ALSO, I am in no way threatening AI2's position or path. So, If AI2 is NOT trying to trade with me it's retarded. STOP trying to convince us that there is something WE are not understanding and FIX the AI program. We KEEP telling you that IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS IN PLAY CATAN, why won't you listen?

  • I am still unable to accept AI trade requests for about 40% of trades.. this has been going on for months, when will this be fixed?

  • This issue is occurring for me on more than 50% of trades with AI on BOTH the Mac OS Desktop version and iPhone app version.

  • Posting here to notify the admins of the fact that this still hasn't been resolved. It's seriously a game-breaking glitch. Also, it would be great if the AI would stop targetting the player that is in last. It does this because it only knows to go for the highest producing tile. It doesn't at all consider which playing is doing best. Simply changing it to go for the highest tile, that the player with the most VP (showing) would be so much better. That would be really a very simple and much-needed change. In addition to making sure the AI doesn't randomly cancel trades.

  • I, too, have an IA player I cannot trade with on my MAC. Please fix.

  • It seems this issue is extremely persistent and has lasted over a year. I was hoping it was recent onset because I also recently got the app for iPhone and overall like it, but won’t even consider buying it anymore if the developers behind this will let a game-breaking bug continue this long.

    It’s extremely frustrating to accept the offer, be offered a better offer, accept that, and repeat (up to four times!!) I can’t help but wonder if this is also why the AI doesn’t trade with me on most of my turns.

    TL;DR: fix trades, I’ll buy it. Leave it broken, I’ll buy another Catan app.

  • Same issues for me today. The AI is offering wheat for wood, I accept, no trade happens... then they offer two wheat for wood (even better!), I accept, and it's treated as though I rejected it.

  • @Nateder no, the AI is just bad at strategy.

  • Have yet to successfully trade with an AI. All trades (including those offered and increased by the AI) fail.

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