Trade not working

  • One year after the original post, and I also have problems trading with AI. It happens in EVERY solo game.
    Also considered buying the game, but won't do it if such a crucial bug continues unsolved.

  • @Administrator I am fairly certain you have not addressed this as these posts were a year ago and it still has the same exact issue. Shame. I would have paid for the upgrade if I had any reason to beleive this app would work

  • I’m also having this problem with the AI. I’m surprised the developers have not been able to reproduce this because I was only able to accept a trade once and never had any of my offers accepted during the intro game. I also would’ve purchased the game if it worked. Unfortunate :/

  • Is ANYBODY working on this. I also posted over a year ago about the trade bug, yet today it is STILL happening!

    Sheesh, I quit playing all together because it is futile trying to play with such a horrendous bug.

  • just wait for the other leave to win lol

  • I only play against the AI because I live on an island with metered internet. If you buy the game trade that the AI initiates works 75-80% of the time but you have to be quick, hesitate and it moves on. It should work all of the time and it's annoying. What is even more annoying is that in over 500 attempts not once has the AI accepted a trade that I initiated so it puts any real player, at a huge disadvantage because 100% of their trades have to go through the bank at 4:1, until they score a harbour, while the AI trades with itself no problem. I'm posting here because I'd like the developers of the game to know that not fixing this it is costing them $. It has caused me to lose interest in playing. I willl not be buying any expansions to the base game which I would have been happy to do.

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