Trade not working

  • One year after the original post, and I also have problems trading with AI. It happens in EVERY solo game.
    Also considered buying the game, but won't do it if such a crucial bug continues unsolved.

  • @Administrator I am fairly certain you have not addressed this as these posts were a year ago and it still has the same exact issue. Shame. I would have paid for the upgrade if I had any reason to beleive this app would work

  • I’m also having this problem with the AI. I’m surprised the developers have not been able to reproduce this because I was only able to accept a trade once and never had any of my offers accepted during the intro game. I also would’ve purchased the game if it worked. Unfortunate :/

  • Is ANYBODY working on this. I also posted over a year ago about the trade bug, yet today it is STILL happening!

    Sheesh, I quit playing all together because it is futile trying to play with such a horrendous bug.

  • just wait for the other leave to win lol

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