Decreasing a resource for a counter offer and trading with the AI.

  • Hi All - I've just started playing and can't work out how to decrease a resource in Trading to create a counter offer. Any click on a resource just keeps increasing it.

    Also, when an AI player makes me an offer and I click the tick to accept, it's random as to whether the offer occurs or not, most often not. Am I missing something please?

  • The counter-offer is a step in the right direction... But it is still done in a horribly wrong way. There is no way to initiate a trade with the current player. Just look at how PlayCatan did it! How hard is copying a perfectly fine functionality to your game?!

    The trade screen should not cover half of the screen.

    All kinds of trades should be possible to propose. Reply to the trade offer is not sufficient.

    Seriously, you have so much room for trade offer screens and you still build it on top of the old UI which people complained about.

  • @ricoblade No, that´s a new bug others have complained about, too.

  • Hi All - Thanks for the replies.

    I think I've figured out the AI not trading to you on their offer, even though you click the tick.

    If you click on the relevant coloured circle of the AI player before clicking the tick (even though the circles are just blank), the trade appears to go through.

  • @ricoblade That´s interesting, thank you for the tip! I will try that next time. :thumbsup:

  • @Stroom Agreed, the old AI trade system was perfectly functional AND much closer to real play with AI players making comments like "offer me something else/more". All that was lost with Catan Universe AI. Why after all this time, is the new Single Player program such crap????

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