BUG: 1.6.0 iOS Version Will Reveal Robbed Cards

    • When a player is robbed of 1 card when a the robber is placed on his hex, that card is revealed.

    • When a player is robbed when they hold more than 7 cards, the cards that are discarded are revealed.

    This is new behavior for 1.6.0 and is typically not how the game is played in person. I will admit in the 2nd scenario, if you are playing the actual board game, you can see what cards the person discards by watching what he places in the various resource piles. But when you steal a card from another player, that card is to remain hidden to other players.

    Additionally, this behavior is not in the PC/Mac version. So there is an unfair advantage when playing across different platforms.

  • 1 is a bug. 2 is not a bug.

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