AI will rob me more often than other AI players

  • I've played several single player games and noticed i am robbed more times than the other AI players. i took a screen shot of the stats at the end. i was robbed 15 times, with the 7 being rolled 24 times. Me being robbed was a combo of the robber being rolled and knight cards being played, but more so on the robber being rolled.

    I am also robbed when it doesn't make sense, like i'm losing with the least amount of victory points and still get robbed.

  • administrators

    @sekthree The AI decides based on 2 parameters who to rob:

    1. Who is in the lead
    2. Who will most likely have the resource I might need

    We are constantly tweaking the second parameter to make the Ai´s "robbing" style as realistic and fair as possible for the human player. But in the end, the Ai has no "compassion" for the player in the last place. It will always do what's best for its agenda.

  • Best for its agenda... The agenda is supposed to be NOT TO LOSE. Obviously the AI is not thinking several steps ahead. It is some preprogrammed moves it will make.

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