Knight Robbing Bug

  • @administrators @Developers You have an issue with the knight and not allowing someone to rob. I have seen it happen four times in two games. Not a case where they are robbing from zero cards. From a use case side, I don't see a correlation but one scenario I have seen is when it was moved before the roll and then a 7 was rolled and move again. That scenario was two of the four cases in which I saw. The other was just on a general knight card played. Others might can post a use case to help pinpoint the issue.

  • administrators

    @Yeloow82 Thank you very much for your feedback an clarification on the issue you observed.

  • @administrators @Developers didn't notice this before but in the use case we just had again where the knight move did not allow for robbing, the person moving the knight had 0 cards. I think that was also the case in the previous. Might want to look at that where the person moving the knight has 0 cards (not the person they are robbing) and see if that bypasses the rob.

  • @Yeloow82 I had the problem of not being able to rob as well. I rolled 7, :game_die: moved the robber :gun: to the hex of a player (in this case AI replacing player who had been kicked). He had 2 resources, I had none. I got no card from him.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Interesting so that use case would also fall in line with the other cases I had where the bug was present.

  • Just played another game and again this scenario true. @administrators it looks like this is the issue. When the person moving the robber has zero cards, they are not being allowed to rob. Not sure why that would have been changed from one version to another, but whatever. Hope that helps.

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