Placed robber/knight does not steal a card

  • After update to 1.6 when I place robber sometimes it does not steal a card from player

  • @trizo can you comment to the use case you had. Did you roll a 7, was the knight card played, or what was the scenario? I also just posted about this on the general discussion. Please see my note below.

    "@administrators @Developers You have an issue with the knight and not allowing someone to rob. I have seen it happen four times in two games. Not a case where they are robbing from zero cards. From a use case side, I don't see a correlation but one scenario I have seen is when it was moved before the roll and then a 7 was rolled and move again. That scenario was two of the four cases in which I saw. The other was just on a general knight card played. Others might can post a use case to help pinpoint the issue."

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