• Seafarer games keep freezing and crashing since the patch fix. Why?

  • administrators

    @Embeecee Could you please describe the issue you are having in greater detail. Up until now, we haven´t got specific feedback on crashes in the Seafarers scenarios for update 1.6.0

  • So, I don have any idea why this would suddenly start happening but I'll be in a game, sometimes just have set up settlements to start, and the whole app closes down. Sometimes I get halfway through a game, and it shuts down. It will let me restart the game but maybe play a turn or two, then down it goes again.
    I've delete other games on the iPad, deleted photos, just to make sure it's not a space issue. But the thing is, the game works fine with all the same data on this iPad before the update.
    It's very frustrating.

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