Robber Bug

  • Recently I have encountered an problem when a 7 is rolled while I have 0 cards in hand. Upon moving the robber to a hex bordered by both of my opponents, I am unable to steal a resource from either player (Four and Five cards to my none). One of my opponents also stated that they encountered a similar issue a few games prior. If relevant, we were playing on the default board set-up in 'Free match.'
    Are these isolated incidents, or is the game checking to see if either player has 0 cards, rather than the one being stolen from?

  • @Jaded_Kronos Thank you very much for your feedback. We have been able to isolate the cause of the issue and working on a fix for it as we speak. It is indeed connected to the circumstance that the player placing the robber holds 0 resources at this point.

  • It doesnt have to do with the number of cards you have . This has happened to me several times no matter how many cards I have . Even when I have played the knight I didn’t get any resources from the opponent. Every update solves one problem and creates 3 new ones .

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