Computer stopped trading with me after the reboot

  • @Administrator Perhaps if you were to post the AI logic tree then the Catan Community would be able to find the flaw in order to help you. Also, If, as you say, the AI shouldn't complete the trade with the VP leader if he/she is close to winning, WHY am I (and other players) seeing AI trades with one of the AIs having 12 of the 13 VP needed to win? THIS did NOT happen, EVER, in PlayCantan. The AI logic tree is seriously flawed, how many players need to point this out before it is 1. acknowledged and 2. addressed? I appreciate how difficult it must be to deal with a well established user base with multiple languages, please let the community help you with some of these issues.

  • @administrators Hi, yes i understand that if i am winning then the AI will not trade with me. That is not what i am talking about. The problem is that on the AI's turn they offer me a trade, i try to 'accept' it but the trade does not take place, then straight away the AI offers me another trade that is even better than the first one, again i try to 'accept' it but the trade does not take place. This looks like a bug that was introdeuced with version 1.6. If it is not a bug then the AI behaviour should be changed to not offer me the trade to start with. Thanks

  • @Sir-Wayne-of-Avatar This is exactly what I am seeing over and over!!! Today AI1 attempted to trade with me (on their turn) offering more and more resources each time....I'm practically jumping up and down yelling "YES!!!" and yet none of the proposed trades go through nor does AI1 trade with any other AI. This is CRAZY MAKING behavior.

  • @Sista It is not behavior, it´s a bug. :bug: We all have seen it ... I just turn off the trade option for AI, it is not worth :thumbsdown: the distraction.:dizzy_face:
    AI does not live up to it´s name. It is just artificial.:alien:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Hmmm, you bring up a good point....which is now making me wonder; Does anyone know if the Admins have passed the Turing test? ;) 'Cause I'm starting to wonder....

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