Computer stopped trading with me after the reboot

  • Computer stopped trading with me after the reboot in single player mode.

    They will offer to trade with me: 1 wheat for 1 sheep.
    I click 'accept' but the trade doesnt happen.
    Then they offer '2 wheat for 1 sheep'
    I carefully check to make sure I click 'accept' - but once again, the trade doesnt go through.

    They will give me third and fourth offers - but still, none of them go through.

  • @Hash-Browns

    I’m having exactly the same problem. Looking forward to a reply or a fix please!

  • Same problem here. A similar issue happens when you place the robber and, from time to time, it doesn't steal the card from the opponent (or let you choose, incase the terrain is shared).

  • @siriux_to I have seen that happen as well, but it seems to happen only when I have 0 resources when I place the Robber. It then doesn't steal or give me a choice of players to rob.

  • @htyler919

    YES! Thats happening to me too! >:-(

  • Stuff like this should not have gotten through the internal QA. Yet every major release has several problems.

  • Same problem here. At first I thought it was fat finger syndrome, but I can see the green check light up and then the trade still doesn't go through.

  • @siriux_to I'm having the same issue....Even sometimes when playing the Bishop card on a hex that has two opponents WITH CARDS I get zip!!! This never happened in PlayCatan..... It's like the AI version is getting worse and worse instead of better over time.... depressing. :*(

  • Same here

  • We are aware of the Ai randomly not accepting trades they offered in the first place. We are currently investigating the reasons for that behavior but unfortunately haven´t been able to reproduce it constantly. But let me assure you ... we are on the case.

  • @Administrator I have been noticing this behavior for quite some time. I even adjusted the level of the AI opponents to Master Level in the hopes of eliminating some of the stupid moves I was seeing (Trading with an opponent who has 12 points in C&K). Alas, I still find that about 1/2 the time when I accept a trade offer the trade does not go through with me or any other player....very frustrating.

  • @Administrator I've noticed this even in the early stages of the game where all players are at 2pts. The AI will offer trades and if I accept, they decline. Even the same trade right after that and still decline. Glad you're looking into it.

    PS: Thanks for the newest patch fixing the big gameplay issues.

  • @administrators I'm having the same problem with AI refusing trades that they have offered to me. I saw an earlier post in this thread where you are having trouble reproducing it. It happens regularly for me when playing C&K, particularly from half way through to late in the game. Early in the game most trades seem to go through, but the longe ryou play the less frequently they proceed with a trade that i am trying to accept. They just keep offering different or better trades as if i am declining them. Eventually they stop offering. Very frustrating...!

  • administrators

    @Sir-Wayne-of-Avatar In the late game, it should be that way if you are in the lead. The Ai now shouldn´t trade with the VP leader if he/she is close to winning. But the other described instances the Ai doesn´t trade are for sure not intended.

  • @Administrator you said, in response to Sir-Wayne-of-Avatar, that the computer offering a trade and NOT following through with the trade, "is how it should be". I don't think you are understanding what we are saying; When the AI offers a trade and I accept and then, instead of completing the trade, the AI offers more and more cards, NONE of which the game will ALLOW us to accept. You say that you "can't replicate this problem"; I play only SP with, 2 master level opponents..Perhaps this will help you know where to look.

  • administrators

    @Sista I was referring to the situation when you as a player are in the lead. The AI will then stop trading with you at some point. This is an intentional behavior.

    Let me clear the "reproducing" part up: If we say "reproducing" we mean that we can observe the issue under the same circumstances every time. If we can do that, it is much easier for us to resolve the issue in the code.

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