Trades offered to you in the singleplayer game mode are often declined even if you accept them.

  • Here is a screenshot of the starting cards in my hand:

    Here is a screenshot of the trade being offered to me by the AI player Vincent:

    Here is what my hand looks like after I accept the trade by clicking the check mark button:

    I am having trouble precisely reproducing this bug because it does not always occur, but it occurs very often in a single game. After I click the accept button, the trade window closes as if I had clicked the decline trade button and the game continues as normal. There is no animation of cards changing hands that is normally displayed when a trade takes place. I cannot see a difference between this bug and declining a trade. This bug only occurs when I am trying to accept a trade. Whenever I decline a trade it always declines properly.

    Is it possible the AI is offering a trade that it can't make? In this example, maybe Vincent did not have a stone card to trade for my grain card? Maybe the decline button sometimes overlaps the accept trade button when it is rendered? I have tried clicking in different locations but can't seem to replicate the bug with every trade.

    I am a new player having a very fun time with this game and I have not yet tried a game against other real players so I am not sure if this bug exists in player to player trades.

  • I just discovered CatanUniverse and was ECSTATIC to start playing. After playing through the initial introduction, and two single player games I've notice this issue as well.

    I actually noticed that i will ACCEPT an offer only for the trade window to close then open again with a more ELABORATE offer (two or more resources for my one), again i would accept only for either the trade then becoming MORE elaborate, or the game proceeding without the trade being done, this could be them doing maritime trade or next player rolling. I have tried clicking to the FAR right of the check box to make sure the pixels (or something) wasn't accidentally clicking the decline, OR i even tried hitting SPACE BAR and ENTER to no avail.

    this is definitely a bug.

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