Booted from a CK game...WHY?

  • Just now I had an sudden...'you are offline' I immediately closed my steam catan icon...and we normally do to clear these issues...and I was informed that I was booted from the game. This was after the 'update'...why is this happening...its killing my elo

  • This has happened twice more since I posted. I'm internet issues...I get the connectivity issue sign...without a kicktimer warning....I can play fine with it for a number of turns....sometimes....but if I try to kicks me out of the game. This last time, I had the 'symbol' for connectivity issues from the first moment of the game. played for 15 minutes...before it froze on internet is fine....I can stream hd videos if I want at the same time. Why does this keep happening.

  • It just happened again....tonnes of ELO GONE! Why won't you respond administrator?

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