Kicktimer doesn't stop & kicks players out

  • Hi. Every 2-3 games, the kicktimer starts at some point for me, & sometimes for other players too, and even though I keep on playing, I pass on my turn, everything is fine and the game goes on for everyone, the kicktimer continues the countdown and eventually kicks you out as if you didn't have a network connection. Once I tried refreshing in order to resolve the issue, I was given the message "game canceled" when the page loaded back. So basically every other game I'm kicked out in the middle for no reason. I've checked and my network connection works fine.
    I'm using Chrome version 68.0.3440.106 (on my laptop).
    This issue did not happen on the android app for another user of my girlfriend.
    Thank you very much.

  • @austone This happens to a lot of people. :unamused: If you check the forum, you will find a lot of complaining and moaning on the matter. Many suggestions have been made, tried, and found unhelpful. :weary: It´s been going on for many months.
    But for some reason, UC thinks it must be our fault, and we should delete and reinstall :wrench: the software, delete the :dash: cache, logout and login again, etc.. (several players have tried that, without result). :rage:
    Personally, I believe the kicktimer should be disabled until it is fixed.:boom: :alarm_clock: :hammer:

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