Some players are intentionally freezing the games and waiting for other players to quit

  • I've had this many times to me where a losing player does something to freeze the game. They don't have a game timer or a kick timer, so it is stuck on their turn forever. They are never replaced with AI, and after a while other players leave giving the win to the player who is freezing the game. Sometimes I can tell the player is still in the game because they can chat and take a turn after like 20 minutes of waiting. These players usually have very ELOs which makes it seem like they do this repeatedly when they are in a losing position. I'm hoping someone can identify this bug and fix it as it wastes a huge amount of time for people wanting to actually play the game without quitting which lowers innocent players karma and ELO.

  • Hi @laizins
    Thank you very much for your feedback! Do you report these players during these games?

  • Sollen wir uns jetzt jeden Spieler aufschreiben?
    ist doch nicht euer Ernst.
    Baut eine Spielerliste auf,dann kann man sehen wer mit wem gespielt hat.
    Auch wenn man es sehen kann,wer der Übeltäter ist,bekommt man die Punkte nicht zurück.

  • @einar Man kann unfaire Spieler ganz leicht melden: während des Spiels mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Avatar des Spielers klicken. Es erscheint ein Menü mit mehren Punkten (z.B. Freundschaftsanfrage schicken, Spieler blocken).Der Punkt Spieler melden (oder war es report player?) ist auch dabei.

  • Das weis ich alles.
    Musste aber ins Bettchen.
    Deswegen der Schnitt.

  • just reported two players who are doing this annoying trick intentionally, will I be notified when action against them taken? thx

  • administrators

    @trizo Thank you for your report. We appreciate your help in making our Catan Universe community more friendly :) Players that sent out a report, won't get notified on the actions we take. This is due to streamlining efforts of the process. But I can assure you, we take every report seriously.

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