Statistically anomalous dice rolls

  • Developers, please fix the statistically anomalous dice rolls!!! I just finished a game with 10x 11 rolls and 9x 3 rolls with only 3x 5 rolls. The game prior only had 4x 6 rolls in 72 dice rolls . . . This completely negates any ability to strategically place your cities at the start and basically reduces the game from a strategy game to a pure luck dice game.

  • wow...
    So, dear @administrators , what do we have here??
    Other people noticing that your random number generator is faulty??
    Strange, eh?

    You see... the problem is not that these things happen.
    It's the frequency with which they happen that you don't realise how high is.
    How many testimonies you need to accept that your code is wrong??
    Realistic gravity dice... the best solution to make everyone happy and remove risks of buggy results.
    Only illogical people would say no to that.

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