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  • I'm still not able to play with real persons. I've seen other questions about this issue, but still don't have a satisfieing answer.
    I have cleared my cookies, but it still finds only one player.
    I bought the seafearers-expansion, but I still can't play with real people.

    So please tell me what else I can do.........

  • Tipps to find other players:

    • Don´t set too many filters on automatch.

    • Check if the filters are not by accident set in reverse. (happened to me by mistake at first, I mixed up on and off!)

    • Consider joining a guild with other players.

    • Get good Karma: don´t leave a running game.

    • Consider the times you are playing. Are people asleep or at work/school? Weekends and evenings are a good time to find more players!

    • If you find no players after 5 min, break up the search, and then restart it.

    • Consider to switch to another szenario; less players own Duell or C&K, try seafarers or base game instead.

    • Add players to your friends list.

    • Make a playdate with friends or guild members and start a customs game.

    I hope you will find pleasant players and great games! :grinning:

  • So many things to consider... Whereas a lobby would really make things much, much easier.

    The fact that a player has to consider that the matchmaker does not work with all combinations makes the matchmaker not effective.

  • @Stroom That is really true. And I wholeheartedly agree that a lobby offers much more choices. (like I said in my post on the matter more than a year ago.) But that´s not going to help nemootje now, is it? So let´s hope my suggestions will work and we can welcome another player. :wave: :woman:

  • Thank you very much for your tips. The problem was that the filters were set in reverse......
    I checked the Karma, Guild and friends, but it turned out they must be unchecked..... :smiley:
    I played my first real-people-game tonight. Thanks!!

  • administrators

    Hi @nemootje,

    I'm glad that you're able to play the game now! Have fun.

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