The game cannot be played

  • After the update i cannot play the game. When i open the program it says cant reach server. After some minutes it gives me the option to join a game and then everything gets stuck , and the program is not responding. You have ruined the game totally for me . I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and the same happens. My internet connection is fine , coz everything else is working properly. Do something about this quickly. Don't tell me to send to support coz I have sent them dozens of emails reporting my problems and nothing has been fixed . Steam account is full of negative reviews about the game , it;s been more than a year since it's been launched. At last fix the game

  • Hi @katerinalda,

    Thank you very much for getting in contact with the support and already trying different approaches. I'm not aware of what the support already told you but could you simply try to logout and login again? This generally forces the game to reconnect to the server and often times alleviates connectivity issues.
    Please let me know if this helps you out!

  • I have logged out , logged in again. i have uninstalled the whole game and reinstalled it. The next step would be format my pc!! The problem is not mine , two friends of mine have been facing similar issues since the update. There is nothing left for me to do. It is impossible to play the game.

  • Hi @katerinalda,

    Thank you very much for replying and I'm very sorry that the game is currently not working for you. Could you share with me what the support told you to do so I know what you already tried and what didn't work?
    Did you also contact the support ( concerning this matter or did you talk to them about a different issue before?
    Thank you very much for your patience!

  • @katerinalda I have been having trouble when I want to play Catan on steam as well. Logging in and out has not helped me.. :crying_cat_face: But playing in Browser works for me most of the time...

  • Hi @Rumpelstilzchen. If relogging doesn't fix your connectivity issues, could you as well consider writing an e-mail to and ask them how to clear you app cache of your steam game as well as for the browser. They might suggest other actions as well depending on how detailed you're able to describe your problem.
    Thank you very much for your patience and please excuse the inconveniences this has caused!
    Have a great day!

  • @Administrator I already did write to support a few weeks ago. As suggested, I deleted steam :dash: and reinstalled it. :sweat: I emptied the browser cache twice, and had to readjust a lot of other settings. It took me quite a while. :hourglass_flowing_sand: No success. That´s when I got fed up. Since I have been kicked a lot :alarm_clock: :boom: and have watched others beeing kicked a lot, :unamused: both on steam :dash: and in browser, for "connection loss", I believe the server problem is on your end. But I will write to support again... :memo:

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