Kicktimer >> just got kicked for no reason >> Again!! Return my points please.

  • Can you please fix this asap + give me my points back as I was winning and was unable to finish the game. This is poor as many have mentioned previously. @administrators @Developers @Moderators

  • I agree! :point_right: Kick the kicktimer! :boom: :alarm_clock: :hammer: It has ruined countles games for me, that were actually working, versus 1 game when it actuallly fulfilled a purpose. :construction_worker: Improve Server reliability instead!

  • They still haven't replied ;)

  • I keep on getting booted from games for no reason.... can anyone help?

  • Same here!

  • This is happens to me today too. It usually happens when the app crashes and then when I reopen I'm not asked to rejoin a game. My elo is automatically deducted.

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