Worst luck ever ???

  • To win a game today I only needed a 9,10,8,6 or 4 to build literally anything , Within 2 rounds = 6 rolls there was not even one of them . The chance for this was (16/36)^6= = 0.00770734663 = = 0.770734663 %

    Thats not even 1%

    On the other side one of the other players got 3 times a 5 and got 24 resources . The chance for that happening is :
    ((32/36)^3)*((4/36)^3)= 0.000963418329 = 0.0963418329%

    That is not even 0,1%

    And the chance for both things happening at once is :
    ((12/36)^3)*((4/36)^3)= 0.00005080526 = 0.005080526%

    0,005% of loosing. If anybody got worse luck go ahead and post it here

  • 100% chance of being "kicked" from the game and being forced to lose while way ahead.

  • That has happened to me so many times! :weary: Sometimes it is even frustrating :angry: to watch someone else being kicked :boom: by the kicktimer. :alarm_clock: :dash: If an excellent player is about to win, and after he´s been kicked the AI screws it up... :rage: What´s the point of winning then?

  • The dices are obviously crooked! It has happened to me as well during the last 2-3 days in several games!
    Either they are trying a new randomization method which is clearly not working, or someone is fucking up with the dices! The numbers don't hold by far and considering how often this happens, we are dealing with a statistical imposibility!
    Maths does not lie!

  • wow...
    So, dear @administrators , what do we have here??
    Other people noticing that your random number generator is faulty??
    Strange, eh?

    You see... the problem is not that these things happen.
    It's the frequency with which they happen that you don't realise how high is.
    How many testimonies you need to accept that your code is wrong??
    Realistic gravity dice... the best solution to make everyone happy and remove risks of buggy results.
    Only illogical people would say no to that.

  • It seems the dice rolls are already capture for each game. Can the developers gather each game's rolls and confirm that the dice generator is working properly.

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