Game continues to be buggy...server issues always.

  • I have been playing Catan Universe for about 1 month. It's very enjoyable unless the server can't decide who's turn it is. So often a turn will be stuck after a player is done. Several times the game will start and everyone gets kicked (and lose Elo). Often if I or another player quits the program and reloads and rejoins, these issues are resolved.

    Just now, in the first phase, a player dropped and the game asked me if I wanted to continue or leave. I left, then I get the prompt "Do you want to re-join your current game?" Yes:No. If I click NO, I will lose Elo. While that dialog is up, I get a constant "Searching for opponents..." message that keeps appearing and reappearing.

    **PLEASE disable Elo until there is some fixes to these issues. ** Stubborn people will refuse to leave a locked up game because they don't want to lose Elo points. I've had to quit many times because at this point can't care about my Elo rating, I just want to play the game. Thankfully I still have 5 star reputation. I am a paying customer as well.


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