Want some fun Catan challenges?

  • Hi everyone,

    If you've been playing a lot of Catan and are doing similar strategies over and over, I have some unorthodox challenges for you to mix up your playing style. They are as follows:

    -Win in Cities & Knights with all 3 Metropolises
    -In any Seafarers expansion, build a 30-length Shipping Route (so all of your roads and ships connected in a continuous line)
    -Win in Cities & Knights with no Metropolises
    -Win in Basic Catan without building a city
    -Earn as many Defender of Catan Victory Points as you can in Cities & Knights (the most I've been able to get is 6)
    -Build on only one island in Seafarers
    -Build all 15 of your roads in Basic Catan without taking Longest Road (you probably won't win in this scenario haha)

    If you all have any other challenges please reply in this topic. Also if you need a reference for the above challenges you can find videos on them on my YouTube channel. It is UnorthodoxMasterOfGames. Thank you all for reading this and let's get back to... rolling 7's and robbing each other?


  • @Dupinator

    Hey Dupinator!

    Cool to see you on the forum. I already knew your YouTube channel and I've really enjoyed watching a few of your Catan challenge video's. :wink:

    Here's some other Catan challenge idea's you'd might enjoy trying...

    • Win in Cities & Knights, the scenario: "Greater Catan", without getting of the main island. :smiling_imp:
      I think that might be a hard challenge!
    • Win in any scenario of Cities & Knights without building any of your city developments.
      So you're not allowed to build any city developments at all! Ofcourse you could still trade the commodity cards to get other resources, and you could still use longest road and extra Victory Points from islands to possibly still get enough of an advantage.

    Cheers! :v:

  • Thank you I will definitely give those a shot! Or multiple shots haha. Oh man, winning in C&K without any city improvements though... It sounds somewhat possible therefore I have to try it! Thank you for your support on my channel also, I appreciate it.

  • @Wooly-Woodsit Thanks to your suggestion and my refusal to give up, I have completed the first challenge you have issued me! I will be working on the video this week and will upload it as soon as I can.

  • @administrators Hi Administrators, these sound like some great challenges. Are there any plans to add these or other challenges to the 'Achievements'? I'm sure many people like me have finished most/all of the Achievements, adding in new ones gives us more incentive to keep playing these awesome games 😊

  • @Dupinator
    Wow, you really managed to complete the "Greater Catan" challenge!? That is crazy! :satisfied:
    I can't wait to see how you did it.
    Keep it up Unorthodox Master of Catan! :metal: :smile:

  • @Wooly-Woodsit Video has been posted! With a funny thumbnail. Thanks again for your suggestion!