• Hej, so I was a beta-tester and have an account. Recently I downloaded steam and tried to login in the Catan Universe with my account. I can not do it. I typed in my username and password and then the game just keeps me waiting and waiting without letting me in???? What is the problem?
    Did the developers closed beta accounts??

  • @aleksandrov2 Yes. You have to delete the old software and download the new one.
    But don´t worry, most of the problems ("who´s turn is it?" bug, no lobby, unpractical trade window without counteroffers, not being able to see develoment cards, board and chat disappearing when someone wins, lots of connection problems, players being kicked for no reason) have not changed. Only now the bugs :bug: are called features, and the beta- testers are called customers. Sigh.

  • administrators

    @aleksandrov2 The account should still work. Please note you have to enter your email address and password in order to log in not your username. If you still should have issues best contact us via support@catanuniverse.com

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