What is your online harassment policy?

  • What is your online harassment policy? In one of my games, I was repeatedly harassed in the chat box on the basis of both my gender and my race. I have the screenshots to prove it.
    This is not the first time I've felt harassed on chat, but it was certainly the most explicit and continuous and vulgar.
    I request immediate action from the developers. How can abuse be reported and dealt with?

  • administrators

    @MaliniBee We take cases like that very seriously an will investigate the case. Best send us your screenshots via support@catanuniverse.

    For future cases right-click or tap and hold(when playing on a mobile device) on the players' avatar in the game. Then choose the options report. You will send out to us the entire chat protocol as well as the game log. We will investigate and act according to the EULA every player accepted before starting the game. In very severe cases or if the player got reported repeatedly this could lead to a lifelong ban of the users' account.

    Please note that in the same menu I described above you can mute or block players. You won't see what muted players wrote in the chat and blocked players won't get matched with you again.

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