Can't Connect to Server Error

  • Hi,
    When I try to launch Catan Universe from the Steam client or my Windows 10 Chrome browser, I get the error message "Can not reach Server". I am able to use the Catan Universe app on my Android devices and iPad with no problem. Does anybody else have this issue and is there a workaround that has solved the problem for you?

  • I have the same prob with steam-version "server nicht reachable"...since yesterday...

  • Same here :-(

  • Please try to log out and manually log back in again t establish a new connection to our servers.

  • Thank you, logging out and logging back in reconnected me to a server. I can play again. Woohoo!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Administrator I´m having the same problem. I keep refreshing and use a lot of ways to try to get a connection, and keep it. I play both on steam and on Browser.
    Sometimes it works, :relieved: sometimes takes a lot of cranking until it finally works :sweat:
    sometimes it works for a while and then kicks me :fearful: :boom: and sometimes I spend hours :watch: and cannot get it to work :exclamation: :rage:
    I have deleted my cache, have reinstalled steam, as the support suggested, and it doesn´t make any difference, the problem persists. A friend suggested that CU probably hasn´t bought sufficient server recources, and I think that is the most likely explanation.But I sincerely hope that´s not true. Please, please, please fix this! :pray:

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