Replay Feature Request

  • I play games that are so enjoyable and memorable that I want to relive them. It would be great to be able to have a Replay button at the end of the match to see how the game unfolded move by move. It can be simple - just show the resource animations with roads / settlements / cities built and robber movement in 30 second time lapse. Would be fun (and viral) if it can be reposted on social media.

  • @Bhim23 Would posting it not violate regulations of privacy? Especially if chat is displayed as well?

  • Chat we wouldn’t need and opponent names can be blurred out.

  • administrators

    @Bhim23 That's a fun idea. Thank you for bringing it up. Something similar to this was floating around our offices in the past too. In your mind, should it only be the last game that is "rewatchable"?

  • Hi @administrators. I would suggest the following waypoints for this feature:

    1. Be able to replay my current game before exiting to lobby.

    2. Be able to replay all my completed games.

    3. Be able to replay all other user’s completed games - if privacy is an issue this can be optionally blocked by users (like Instagram private accounts).

    4. Be able to repost replays on popular social media networks - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This would increase Catan Universe’s visibility and could drive new users.

    In chess, studying annotated games is a big topic of interest. There are obvious parallels between Catan and chess such as Elo and masters. Even the most basic chess sites offer game histories in this way. It’s an important learning tool. Not to mention the excitement of following a live grandmaster match with chat (kibbitz) which would be a further extension of this.

  • @Bhim23 this is a great idea :+1:

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  • @Bhim23 That would certainly take care of the problem. I hope you get your wish. :smiley:

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