Make Catan universe more social and fun

  • Yeah, supposedly there's a friends list and guilds and invites, but does anyone successfully get a game going this way!? Maybe there's a friend or two online or they are playing other games or something, but checking off the friend option in auto match seems to more ensure you won't get to play catan.

    Often you'll have a great game, and well ... that's it, it's over. Please don't promptly close the chat window once someone has won, allow people talk chat about the game while possibly displaying the stats at the same time. You can't add people as friends easily after the match but EVEN BETTER: allow a rematch, of all the same players. This would be so much better than just the next boring matchup with random players.

    Make it easier to start "fun games" or "competitive games"... there seems to be many possible approaches, but how about options/tags for allowing people to say they want a fun game vs a brutally competitive one. Or options to indicate your language and that you want other chatty people (or don't want chatty people). Or a meaningful ranking system (not ELO) so that you can play with players of similar experience (because vastly different experience is no fun for anyone).

    Sure, this game allows you play a few addictive rounds, but generally it's a very antisocial experience that doesn't adequately complement just going and playing the board game with friends.

  • Great suggestions! I hope they will be implemented. :+1:

  • administrators

    @MonkeyZ Thank you very much for your feedback on the social aspect of the game. We will look into it.

    Especially the rematch button as well as the "fun game" and "competitive options" sounds interesting.

  • @Administrator Thanks!

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