People Stalling

  • The timer and kick system doesn't work. At least once a day I run into a game where someone has learned how to stall the game. Either they won't roll the dice or they just turn their internet on and off and keep refreshing the kick timer and refuse to play.

    The system rewards these players and punishes the people playing fairly. I've just spent the last 30 min in a game doing nothing as a player refuses to roll. Sure I reported them but that doesn't stop the fact that I either have to quit, take a karma and ELO hit or waste time playing a stare down of who quits first.

    Please look into a better system of how to deal with troubling players who feel abusing the timers is the best way to win. It makes the game miserable for everyone else.

    Bring back Play Catan!!

    I will pay for Multicatan!!!


  • The software is buggy. Sometimes you don't realize it's your turn without restarting, or no matter how many times you restart it won't let you start your turn. Purportedly they have improved things, yet it's surprising how often it still hangs up on glitches.

    And ELO means nothing. Not just bugs will kill your game/ELO, but it just takes a poor player or the AI to throw off the balance of the game, and it doesn't matter how good you are, you lose. Heck, I came in 2nd and still lost 20 ELO. They need to implement a proper ranking system (that doesn't drop), if they wish to offer anything meaningful.

  • @MonkeyZ And I got so much ELO :tada: because all my fellow players were kicked unjustly :unamused: by the cursed kicktimer. :alarm_clock: :boom: I often get the impression that the kicktimer only kicks players who don´t stall. I wish you would turn it off until it is fixed!

  • I agree with you, happened to me today as well. Reported the players and hoping to see some action from the game developers.

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