Village between roads !?

  • People can build their village between my roads ??? ok
    But whe the hell does this interrupt my road ??? I even lost a game because i didnt get the longest road

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    @OAEsis The rules state that player can interrupt your longest road by building a settlement like shown in the screenshots you provided.

    Longest road is an uninterrupted sequence of your own roads. this sequence was interrupted (after road number 6) by the purple village in screenshot 2

  • @OAEsis You can even interrupt longest road with a knight. Experienced players try to protect their vulnerable spots with a knight. But thats not entirely safe also: You can chase him away with a stronger knight or with an Intrigue Card.
    The only absolutly safe option to protect your longest road is to build a village. But that´s not possible with ships, so it remains a vulnerable point.... If you want a secure point, go for building settlements :house_with_garden: and cities. :european_castle:
    Anyhow, watching 2 seasoned players fight for longest road with all means and tricks can be thrilling.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen This is the "Base Game" forum.

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