Problems with the Internet connection

  • Problems with the Internet connection.I live in Russia and I have all the time writes "no Internet",although the Internet is included.Already reconnecting 3 times, what to do?

  • Closed!!! The case in Roskomnadzor, he blocked the catan universe.Solution to enable VPN on Germany or America.Well, the server in Germany or America(as if you're there)

  • administrators

    @logosios Thanks for the feedback and additional info you put in your post. We are not aware of being blocked in Russia right now but we are investigating what could cause the issue. Did you set your IP to Germany ?

  • Yes I use a VPN

  • connected to Germany(as if there)

  • administrators

    @logosios Thank you very much for the additional info. It seems like some Google and Amazon IPs have been blocked in Russia. We are looking into the matter and see what we can do about it.

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