More Detailed Statistics

  • I've played quite a few games at this point and one thing that I wish I could see at the end would be more detailed statistics about what happened in the game. Some of the things I'd like to be able to see:

    • How many of each resource/commodity did I receive during the game?
    • How many of each resource/commodity were taken from me by other players and discarded because of the robber?
    • How many of each resource/commodity did I not receive due to a robber blocking a spot?
    • Number of knights lost due to Progress Cards
    • Number of Progress Cards used against each player
    • Number of Progress Cards received (broken down by color)

    I'm sure there are other stats that would be nice that I haven't listed, but I'm always eager to look into why I didn't win in a game and these stats would be revealing.

    I saw an old post about this topic ( as well, but it recommended I make a new one.

  • The game is made under the original, the original is not

  • Indeed, UP.

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