Lets Lobby for a 'Lobby'

  • Hi folks,
    We need a 'Lobby" in this new version of the game . Not a new suggestion as clearly evidenced by the feedback on many forums @Klaus Teuber @Developers @administrators ....this is a game you developed to bring family and friends together....it has lost it's way. Your 'brand' is suffering. Time is precious and people including myself want to be able to choose who we play with. I understand that you want to increase revenue...that's reasonable you are a business but please look at your options and how it effects your brand. I still stand firm and recommend a survey to be sent out to your members to give you honest feedback. This is one of the few ways that can help you grow as a business and build something that is truly special.

  • lobby there o_O

  • @Nyte_ I agree...... I would love to play with the people I want to play with and all this needing to join a gild and whatever...... what used to be a simple and fun game and where we met the same folks at certain times to hang out with is all lost in this buggy game.
    I like your argument - designed to bring people together around the virtual gaming table...... and at my game I would love to pick the players.....
    Why is it so hard to keep the features we all appreciated on the old game and just make it work in your new concept???? This has lost what was at the core of the fun of Catan.
    @administrators @Administrator @Developers @KOSMOS @Klaus Teuber

  • @Nyte_ I would prefer a lobby as well. :family: :two_men_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands: :dancers: :couple: :family:

  • This is to Management (not the Developers or even the marketing team - I am sure you have put your suggestions forward but have not been heard). Management >> please listen to your team and to the people who are invested in your business ie: the ones who pay your bills aka the customers. It comes down to customer service which is seriously lacking currently. I wonder how long it takes to get a reply to a concern on this 'forum'.....do you need a certain amount of posts / views for this to occur?
    @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS @Klaus Teuber

  • I would prefer it as well

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