Cities and Knights: Using Aqueduct is Optional

  • Hi I just wanted to address a difference in gameplay between the app and the boardgame. According to the rules in the 5th edition when Aqueduct is obtained the player "MAY" pick up an additional resource if their numbers don't roll and a 7 is not rolled.

    For example I have 7 cards and don't want to pick up an 8th card so I don't loose half my cards if a 7 is rolled. This option isn't available in the Catan Universe app. It is compulsory to pick up a card when Aqueduct rule is taken into effect.

    The use of "MAY" is used in the Smith progress card also where the app correctly gives the option of only upgrading 1 knight instead of 2 even if both knights have the ability of being upgraded.

    There should be an x added in with a timer for players to choose whether they want to pick up or not. Of course in most cases people would pick up but what if you have a city in your hand, about to win the game and 7 cards just before your turn and you don't want to pick up an 8th card for example. Have I missed something here guys?

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    @simple_engineer To make sure I will check with the Catan GmBH but I recall we had a similar discussion with the robber regarding the wording in the rules.

    It also says you can rob a resource card form your opponent. But the ruling by Klaus Teuber was that you have to rob a resource.

    I am pretty sure this could be a similar case here.

  • @Administrator Thank you for your reply. Yes I remember this also with the robber. In the Catan Universe app however if you put a robber on the hex of multiple opponents and select an opponent with no cards you do not get anything from the opponent so this is also a loophole of not robbing the opponent who had cards as it should not give you the option to rob an opponent with no cards and only the ones who have cards if they are on the same hex being robbed. I know that there is the encyclopedia catanica online but it is only in German and I do not trust the translation of my web browser for all these tricky rules.

    Secondly the reason I bring up the aqueduct rule is that when playing the baordgame players with aqueduct often forget to pick up their cards if their numbers do not roll whereas the app does not allow the human error to be a factor in the game.

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